Best 5 Pokevision Alternative to Locate Rare Pokemon!

Being a big freak of Pokemon Go, you assuredly love Pokevision app, right? In locating Pokemon easily and finding them Pokevision was the best app ever. With its help, it was very easy to locate on the map even the rare Pokemon conveniently, so the users loved it tremendously. However, this is not available now and users get frustrated with finding them on their own. But not to worry now, as there are still numerous new tools & maps are available that have been released in the market. These Pokevision alternatives will help you in tracking even the rare Pokemon easily. Here are the best alternatives:


PokeHuntr is an extremely easy solution for hunting the pokemon. You may face hassle in other alternatives with a cluttered user interface, but PokeHuntr has totally a clean & sound user interface wherein the users will not be facing this issue at all. PokeHuntr provides you the full-screen map. By using search bar you can locate pokemon. Whenever pokemon gets disappeared, on the map a timer automatically gets attached to every pokemon. While playing the game, you certainly need direction, for that you can tap on Pokemon first and then on directions, you will get it easily. You can easily put pokemon coordinates in location hack by holding ‘Get Directions’ link. But it’s one drawback is you can use it only on web URL.

Go Tracker

Go Tracker helps in tracking maps just like PokeVision and hunt rarest pokemon. It showcased the map and each pokemon that are present near your location. After going to the location being shown to you, you can easily catch pokemon. With the help of teleport location hack, you can catch the pokemon’s coordinates. But it doesn’t work on iPhone and available just as APK file, so you need to download it first then you can use it just as Android APK.

Go Tracker is the platform on which you can trust blindly to find the limited pokemon. Its roadmap, direction and all-time assistance help in catching these creatures.

Smart Poke V2

Another alternative you can get is Smart Poke V2. Here just by pressing the option of automatic location. After doing so, just wait for a while. Before the Pokemon got disappeared, you can check the time too. The user interface is very simple and you don’t need to follow any guide as you can use it very easily. To set one particular area then you can zoom in by sliding your finger. Just like any other app you have used or using, Smart Poke V2 can be used. One interesting part is on your favorite pokemon, you can set an alert and whenever that will reach nearby your area then you will get notified. This app is freely available and you can launch it on your device easily.


Skiplagged Pokemon tracker is quite similar to Pokevision. Its roadmap, directions lead you towards pokemon. However, it has one more feature which makes the game more fascinating and that is filtering feature. Through this, you will get the freedom to select a specific pokemon which you were looking for long. All of its features make this app the best PokeVision alternative as it bestows numerous unique features which you can’t get from any other alternative. Its working is also smooth and easy.


This is quite a unique tool and admired by most of the users across the world. It helps you in locating even those pokemon which are hidden and can’t be found easily. Also in a nearby spot, if any new species come, then it notifies you. There are lots of many features which benefit the users tremendously including pokemon makers being featured on the map itself. With address bar, you can move on the map quickly. Its features don’t just end here. On the map, a despawning timer goes along with every pokemon. Also, through the Pokedex page, it’s possible to make pokemon cards search. Not only this, you can see last seen of every pokemon. It is the most advanced alternative you can get ever.


There are many more maps and Pokevision alternatives that can direct you discovering pokemon quickly. However, these are the best alternatives you can resort to.

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