Browserling: Free Programmer Tools are Here!

So, we don’t really cover alot of deals on TD but we couldn’t ignore this one. So a brand named Browserling has released Free Developer/Programmer tools which are damn impressive! Now who doesnt wants such a deal for FREE OF COST? 😀

So, Browserling: A live, interactive, cloud-based cross-browser testing company that has launched FREE PROGRAMING TOOLS. What’s interesting is, Browserling’s programmer tools is the world’s largest collection of free developer utilities. These tools are not only useful for programmers but also web developers, web designers, sysadmins and devops. Damn!

What we came to know is, At Browserling HQ their programming and web development team often needed to perform various common programming tasks and operations. To do that they’d often Google things like “url escape“, “convert json to xml“, “prettify javascript“, “convert csv to json“, and so on! Unfortunately, current online tools found via Google contain ads, popups, and other crap, which makes these tools unpleasant to use. As a result Browserling team decided to create their own programming tools free for everyone so that they can help the maximum. Great Work Browserling! 😀

Browserling has over 100 such tools to help the Developers and Programmers out there. But, Some of the awesome tools they have bought to our notice are:-

Next few tools that I’m adding are HTML minifier, HTML beautifier, and Base64 encoder and Base64 decoder.

  • Base64 Encode – Convert ascii/unicode/utf8/utf16/utf32 strings to base64 strings.
  • Base64 Decode – Convert base64 strings back to original strings.

Also, Browserling is soon coming with more incredible tools. As per their statement to us, They are bringing:

  • Uuencode Text
  • Uudecode Text
  • Generate random IPv6 addresses
  • Convert TSV to XML
  • Convert XML to TSV
  • Convert Jade to HTML
  • Convert HTML to Jade
  • Base64 Encode a File (not just a string)
  • Image resize
  • Image crop
  • XOR encrypt data
  • Convert BMP to GIF
  • Convert JPG to GIF
  • Convert PNG to GIF
  • IDN Encode Domain
  • IDN Decode Domain

Judhajeet Das

Tech Passionate and Heavy Geek! Into Blogging world since 2014 and never looked back since then :) I am also a YouTube Video Producer and Co-own InMyPlanet Networks. Co-Founder, Tekh Decoded.

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