Caption: App That finds the perfect subtitles for any Movie!


Probably we all love watching movies and sometimes, we do feel like watching movies from other languages and it gets quite tough when we don’t have subtitles or captions. So we at TekhDecoded have found an app just so perfect that we ourself love it! Its called the Caption which finds the perfect Subtitles for you movie!

So Created by developer Giel Cobben, Caption is a handy app for desktop that lets you find and download the right subtitles for any movie or television show you want to see. What is particularly handy about Caption is that it will also automatically rename the subtitles so they match the title of the movie!

Moreover, The app also comes with a neat ‘drag and drop’ feature that allows you to effortlessly find and download subtitles by dropping the file inside Caption. All you need to do once Caption has identified the right subtitles is double-click on the file to play the video – with the captions already integrated. Also Check out 123movies app for watching movies online!

The best thing about the app is that it also supports a wide variety of languages, so you can easily find captions in your local language. While Caption is currently only available for macOS, Cobben says he’s working on a cross-platform solution and promises the app will land on other operating systems too.

For those curious to have a look at the code of the app, you can head to this GitHub repository. And in case you want to make some changes of your own, you can do that too – Caption is entirely open-source and free! 🙂 

We loved the idea behind the app and thank the Developer for such a simple yet very handy tool! Also, if you have such an amazing app which you use daily and want us to put a review on, please comment below and we shall proceed.

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