Have you heard of Kodi for Android?, No? Then you should!

In the media rich world of today , we humans have a million choices available for enjoying it to the best of our liking.That being said if you’re looking for something that is top notch  , can segregate and provide you one of the best quality of music ,photos,videos and podcasts its none other than Kodi .

Back in the days of the XBMC(Xbox Media Centre) as it was called , Kodi was the mother of media players for the original Xbox.The thing about Kodi is that it looks really great on the High Definition TV providing you great,versatile and rich quality of music to choose from and also double up as an entertainment hub.Added to this was its 10 foot user interface that could be controlled from across the room using a remote control without having to squint to look at tiny menus.

Kodi can stream from the internet , internal storage , external storage ,basically anyway you want it.Coming to the quality of its playback this tiny package can do you wonders if you pair it with the right devices.Well it can work with an innumerable number of platforms but when working in handshake with the NVIDIA’s shield Android TV , its a beast with the mighty Maxwell Architecture of the device which is akin to GTX 900 series GPU’s all thanks to the powerful top-end processor Tegra 1x.

Performance measured using GFX (T-Rex) benchmark

Capable of video in 4K Ultra HD with the 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus surround sound , Kodi is well poised to to take advantage of the SHIELDS hardware capabilities such as the hardware video acceleration for smoother playback and provide hardware accelerated HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding) playback support.When you consider all this coming from a tiny package it certainly is so much more powerful than the Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV.


The last but not the least to be mentioned is that considering its an open-source project it provides wide range of possibilities to Developers to create their own add-ons and enhance,customize Kodi down to their grass root needs.

Now that you’ve learnt how powerful Kodi is are you willing it give it a try ? If so dont forget to check out the many video and audio add-ons made by the third party developers and Kodi team themselves to serve you with bunch of free and paid services.



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