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Facebook Live Audio: New Feature meant for Voice-only Broadcasting!

Facebook is updating themselves with new features currently and here’s another one after the Live 360 feature. Facebook Live Audio is meant for audio broadcastings and podcasts which is a new addition to FB features list!  So, The premise is extremely simple: users will be able to broadcast their voices to any subscriber who may be tuning in, just like a live PODCAST! 😀 

Also, This has a wide variety of uses for publishers, podcasters, and authors. Live Audio also presents an easy way to broadcast in low or poor signal areas, widening the potential applications. Just like with Live Video, users will be able to stream their audio straight to their followers’ News Feed and receive live feedback (such as Q&A). Seems like Facebook is taking productions way too seriously now!

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As an added bonus, Android users will be able to continue listening while in other apps or with a locked screen. Those on iOS can continue to hear the broadcasts while exploring about in the Facebook app which is a downside for iOS fans. Sorry there!

The social media giant will be testing Facebook Live Audio with partners like BBC World Service, LBC, and Harper Collins. The wide roll out will be sometime early next year for other publishers and people. We will soon be live at FB Page with this new feature so dont forget to follow us on Facebook and also, let us hope to review it very soon to help you guys understand it better. Cheers!


Source:  Facebook

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