Periscope Competitor, Youtube Connect under works ?

YouTube can be largely considered as the king of video streaming .However when it comes to the live video front though it offers live video through Creator Studio , it is not a service enjoyed by all . On the other hand competitors like Periscope , Meerkat and Facebook live are miles ahead and its about time that the Search Giant jumped on the live video bandwagon.If the rumors are true,  sources from Venturebeat  report that a new app coined “YouTube Connect” is under works.

YouTube Connect is said to have functionalities similar to that of Periscope and Meerkat as sources report.Users can login using their Google/YouTube account to stream live from their smartphones.Features include such as chat with tagging features and a news feed from friends , subscribed youtubers .

The streams would be view-able from both the app and  the YouTube site as well with the added functionality of the broadcasts being saved for replays much like YouTube unlike Periscope which currently has a 24 hour detonation time.For the time being integration with other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook isn’t present and we don’t know if it will be included during the app launch.


This would be the fourth YouTube based app succeeding Gaming,Music and Kids. YouTube Gaming , a service for video game streaming was very well received as a competitor  to Amazon’s Twitch and we  have to wait and see how “Connect” will fare.

Although no information has been revealed regarding the timing of the app’s launch considering that Google I/O developer conference is around the corner in May it seems a reasonable time frame to kick-start the app’s commencement.

If YouTube is really bringing up something akin this then it’s surely going to be something to look forward to. We have seen many 3rd-party YouTube going live services, but the official one will be simply outstanding. Awaiting this Google! 

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