YouTube will soon have In-App Messaging for Some Reason!

YouTube has introduced the messaging service for youtubers and normal YouTube users long time back which helps them to connect to each other from any PC or Website. But, somehow and for some reason, Google is bringing In-App Messaging service for YouTube app pretty soon! :/

When I sit down for a YT session, I often think: how cool would it be if I was able to message my friends through YouTube? I don’t even have to leave the app/website to do it, and it’d be so much easier if I could message here than on Facebook, Hangouts, or SMS. Awesome!

For some utterly bizarre reason, YouTube is getting in-app messaging. The tab has been appearing on a small number of Android devices over the last 48 hours or so, and Wired published a post explaining the new feature.


Apparently, users can get others into the service by inviting them to chat. The tips we’ve received about this so far indicate it’s not quite ready to go live yet – blank screens and network errors abound – but it should happen soon. This is supposedly to get consumers to share more videos inside YouTube, getting them to watch more content and keeping the ad revenue up.

Either way, it’ll probably work much like any other messaging service. I send you a message, you send me one back. Etc. Might be worth remembering that YouTube does have a Messages section already, but it doesn’t seem that prominent – mine says ‘no messages to display,’ although this might differ if others have more content uploaded.

Alleged Leaked Image of YouTube’s App Messaging! 😀

An app update doesn’t seem to be required for messages – all that’s needed is an invite from someone who already has the feature.

So, what’s your take about this new unique feature YT will soon have on their app? Good Idea or it’s quite useless? Let us know and Stay Tuned for more updates! 🙂

Judhajeet Das

Tech Passionate and Heavy Geek! Into Blogging world since 2014 and never looked back since then :) I am also a YouTube Video Producer and Co-own InMyPlanet Networks. Co-Founder, Tekh Decoded.

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