PlayStation 5: Release, Price, Features and More!

The original PlayStation console was made available to the users at a price of $299 which might have been a little expensive for the gamers but that didn’t stop them from buying the console as 120 million units of the gaming console was sold in those days. The recently released PlayStation 4 Pro was also priced at an expensive rate but its outstanding features attracted innumerable buyers which could not restrain them from buying the gaming console. And now that the avid gamers have already started speculating about the features of the upcoming PlayStation 5, it seems that the developers will be introducing quite a lot of innovative and advanced attributes to the console. Therefore, it is definitely going to be a lot more expensive than its predecessors. Reports say that the upcoming gaming console by Sony Interactive Entertainment is going to be priced somewhere in between $500 and $600 which surely is extremely expensive. But the amount of new features are anticipated to be equipped with the gaming console, one has shell out a huge amount of cash in order to experience the joy of playing video games in the PlayStation 5.

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Coming to the release date of the next console in the PlayStation series it has been anticipated that the device might hit the gaming world in the year 2020 and if everything turns out to be optimistic for the players then the PlayStation 5 might get available from 2019 itself. The console by Sony Interactive Entertainment is expected not to release soon because the PlaySation 4 Pro got rolled out previous year on November 10 and the developers would surely take some more time in order to come with some first-rate attributes of the next console in the PlayStation series.

There will be a lot of upgrades which will be witnessed when the PlayStation 5 gets launched and one of them is expected to be the discard of physical compact discs and if this happens the PlayStation 5 would be the very first console to come up with something of this sort. It is quite anticipated that the 4K facility will be compatible with the next gaming console in the PlayStaion series and by the 2020 the developer will inbuilt this feature to every device.

A slimmer and a much smaller outlook of the upcoming gaming console by Sony Interactive Entertainment can be seen as a small device has always been more convenient for the users to carry around. Therefore, PlayStation 5 is expected to be quite portable rather than sporting a huge outlook which may get difficult for one to carry around.

The addition of AMD Chipset in the PS5 is another thing which has come into the picture as most of the reports have highlighted about this particular upgrade.

It is for sure that as the days will pass by more and more revelations will be made regarding the features of the next console in the PlayStation series. So let’s hope that some of them comes into the picture soon.

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