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Snapdragon 865 plus is releasing in July, new leak suggests

At first, Qualcomm said that they won’t be releasing the 865 plus in a report by NotebookCheck claiming that they will focus more on the 875 since the 875 will be manufactured using the 5nm process as we detailed in this post here, and also that the 875 will use the new ARM Cortex X1 along with the Cortex 78 as detailed here. A little while later, Qualcomm went back on their statement. A weibo post by user ice universe shows that the 865+ which is merely an overclocked 865 will be launched with phones in July, and will be coming to flagship phones in the second half of this year.

Weibo Post
The Weibo post translated into English

Ice Universe has also posted the same on Twitter.

The 865+ will be the first processor to be clocked past the 3GHz mark. The 865+ is clocked at 3.09GHz to be specific. So this means that Apple won’t be able to take the 3GHz crown for their A14 Bionic, which will be released in September. Apart from the CPU being overclocked, there is possibly a GPU overclock too. It’s reported that the 865+ will need a lot of cooling as the processor will get really hot, and throttle down which would make it an 865 without the plus moniker.

A report by GSMArena has shown that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will feature the latest Snapdragon 865+. There are other phones like Asus Rog phone 3, possibly the Asus Zenfone 7, and as a new report states, the iQOO 3 Pro too would feature the latest Snapdragon 865+

Snapdragon 8cx

Apart from the Snapdragon 865+ and the  Snapdragon 875, Qualcomm is also working on a new chipset termed as the 8Cx which is mostly suited for ARM based windows 10 machines. While the clock speed of the 865+ is 3.09GHz, the clock of the 8cx would be 3.15GHz. But the good thing about the 8cx is that since it will be running in a laptop, it would have a decent cooling solution, and the chip will be able to run at it’s peak clock for a long period of time without throttling. The launch for the 8cx hasn’t been decided yet, but will be available soon.

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