What You Should Consider If You Buy Control Coilover Sleeves

If you’re looking to buy control coilover sleeves for your car, there are four key things that you need to think about before making your purchase. Essentially, your suspension is what determines the handling of your car, which means that if it left the factory with soft suspension, it will probably handle badly until aftermarket parts are added.

Suspension that’s worn out can also have an adverse effect on your handling, so if yours is old, it’s a very good idea to replace it. So, sit back and relax whilst we go through the four things you could need to keep an eye out for.

Why Do You Need Coilover Sleeves?

Some car owners would go with pre-assembled Coilover kits – this option offers better adjustability but a higher price tag. Meanwhile, Coilover sleeves are more like the watered-down version of the gear kits with a much lower price. The price may vary, depending on where you purchase them though. Using the sleeves allow you to get a lower ride up to 4 inches without worrying about the safety matter.

If you love a stiffer ride, installing coilover sleeves will bring you to that goal too. The stiffer suspension provides better driving performance, according to some users. Other than that, since the reaction time is reduced, driving would be a lot easier. If you are looking for an upgrade for your car that provides a sense of value-for-money, Coilover sleeves are on the list.

Consider Spring Rates When You Buy Control Coilover Sleeves

Something that’s key to consider when you’re looking to buy control coilover sleeves are spring rates. Your springs are an integral part of your suspension, as they control how your car bounces, how it absorbs bumps and reduces body roll. Each type of use requires a different spring rate, so ensure that the ones you buy reflect what you intend to use them for.

You Need to Keep an Eye Out for Valve & Spring Adjustability

Another key element to look for when you want to buy control coilover sleeves is adjustability, as being able to alter your spring preload, damping and ride height are great features to have. Having this functionality allows you to fine-tune the handling of your vehicle. It’s key to being able to set up your car for both track and street use.

Top Mount Type is Key When You Buy Control Coilover Sleeves

The quality of the top mount is also important to consider, as it literally holds everything together. There is the pillowball or rubber variety, with OEM types usually being the latter kind. This type allows more energy deflection, whereas a pillowball top mount is metallic and allows less deflection of energy. The metallic type may cost more, but it will offer more control and higher durability.

Lastly – Do You Want a Twin Tube or Monotube Damper?

The last of our four important factors is whether to go for a twin-tube damper or a monotube damper. Single tube dampers have one tube and twin-tubes have two – as you would expect, with the twin-tubed variety providing improved ride quality. That said, monotubes contain more fluid, improve damper responsiveness and offer improved heat dissipation. You have to know which is right for your needs.

Buy Control Coilover Sleeves From a Reputable Source

These four factors are important, but perhaps even more important is where you source your coilovers from. You need to buy control coilover sleeves from a reputable company that offers a warranty and great aftersales support. Once you’ve found the right supplier, look for the factors we’ve listed here.

If you are currently looking for a great supplier of aftermarket suspension, we can think of no better company than Springrates. They have a great selection, excellent customer support and their prices are awesome too. What’s not to love? If you want to check them out, visit them online today at

Thanks for reading our blog. We’ll be back with more advice and guidance on all things auto suspension again soon!

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