#BREXIT – Britain Leaves European Union , What Does That Mean For Tech?


Today I’d be basically talking about The #BREXIT – Britain + Exit,  It’s a Very Creepy Situation.

#BREXIT Basically Means Britain Exits European Union Which Won’t be Good, You May think that This Only Effects The Britain. People From EU, Now Need Visa To Come and Go to Britain, Getting Jobs in Britain Won’t Be Easy Nowadays, But Keep in Mind It Does Effect You Too and The Tech Industry Too, If You’re an Entrepreneur or a Start-Up This would hurt You a Lot, Cause You Can’t Open a Business or an Office In London Easily, You Won’t get much Opportunities too.

But What about The Tech Industry?!

Now Let’s talk more about How This Effects to Us (The Tech Industry). Tech Stocks of The Big Players like Google, Microsoft and IBM might drop at a High Rate(4-5%).

Brexit is almost a Big bad news for smaller tech companies and startups—in a poll taken before the Exit, 90% of respondents in the UK tech sector opposed leaving.There are some big reasons that it will make not just Britain, Europe, a hard place to run a successful Tech LLC.

Trade Barriers

Amazon was on a Big Risk yesterday, losing more than 3%. It has used the UK as a major shipping hub for the rest of Europe, with distribution warehouses evenly divided between U.K. and Germany. They Have invested more than $6.3 billion in the UK.

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Data Laws

The EU has been pursuing which they call a Digital Market, made to create uniform rules for everything from e-commerce to digital streaming and user privacy. The UK had opted out of that project now. That may be good for tech companies in a limited sense, The UK in general has a relaxed attitude to data privacy, while Europe has thrown up repeated barriers to the operation of companies like Google(-3.76%).

At Last I Must Say #BREXIT is going to have a negative Effect in The Tech Sector towards the Globe especially In The Great Britain.

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