Is Google preparing a Nexus Smartwatch Series?

If I asked you what Google is missing in it’s arsenal of Nexus devices, what would you say? I would say, a smartwatch. I think Google might be thinking the same way as me. Most probably called as “Nexus Smartwatch”

Rumors started last week that Google might be releasing 2 different smartwatches. We didn’t report anything on the subject, because it wasn’t the first time this kind of rumor leaked and we needed some kind of confirmation. Boy, did we get one today!

We learned that the two smartwatches, internally named Angelfish and Swordfish would be coming around the same time as the new nexus phones. They could potentially be called Pixel or simply Google watches. In my humble opinion, they will be called Nexus.


Apparently, Google would be launching the smaller of the two, Swordfish, as a budget watch and Angelfish as the premium. The renders that were outed remind us of the LG Urbane 2, which brings me to think LG could be behind it. Of course, there is only so many design you can have with circular watch so it doesn’t really mean anything. It is said that Swordfish would be highly customizable and more aimed at the general public.

It would be compatible with the MODE bands and be price concious. Angelfish, on the other hand, would be a niche product aimed at the high end market. It would have LTE connectivity, GPS and a heart rate sensor. This would be in line with the Nexus phones that always come out with a budget phone and a high end one.

I m excited for these as I would assume Google will have something up it’s sleeve to differenciate itself from the rest. I guess we will see what Google has in mind soon enough, in the meantime, let us know in the comment what you think of those watches.

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