Our Best Wallpaper Collection for Your Prosperous 2016!

It doesn’t matter what device or platform you are on and how strong your loyalties to them are, the one thing that nobody can deny is that a beautiful wallpaper remains one on all of them (with suitable corrections to the aspect ratio, of course). With this post, we hope to kick off a regular series which, depending upon the response we receive may be weekly or monthly and which will collect wallpapers from across the internet. We plan on selecting a new theme or topic for every new entry in this series.

We are happy to introduce our favourite wallpapers which we are using to you to start off with in 2016! In our inaugural wallpaper pack, we present to you the favorite wallpapers of our Founder, Judhajeet Das! Spanning a range of resolutions (though pretty much all are above 1080p and will look good on most modern devices), these images touch upon many of the topics this series will cover down the line. From superheroes to stock wallpapers, material design to abstract and even the occasional movie wallpaper, there’s plenty on offer here so there is something for everyone.

We are unable to offer credits to the artists behind these works of art since we lack the source image for most of these but if you or anyone you know is the creator of any of these wallpapers, please get in contact with us via the comments below and we’d only be happy to give you the credit the artists are due. So go ahead, download and let these beautiful images adorn your home screens and desktops.

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